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Email is awesome

And I don’t care what other people think!

It feels like every day I read yet another article preaching on about the failures of email and how someone needs to solve this every increasing problem. I’m sorry I just don’t get it. I keep asking myself, maybe I’m using email wrong?

Apparently its emails fault that people are less and less productive these days. If only someone created a truly universal messaging system that helped us get on with our work…..

Well as controversial as it might be to some people, I find email awesome. OK, more specifically I find gmail awesome.

I hear people complaining about inbox overload, and wonder to myself what on earth they’re doing to warrant so much inbound communication?

I’m told that IM and social media is the way forward, tools like hipchat or twitter DMs, allow you to take conversations into a new medium and keep that inbox free of, well, email I suppose.

I’m sorry but migrating to multiple platforms is, to me at least, a gigantic leap backwards. It takes conversations and more importantly, actions you once stored in a central easily managed space and moves them into a disjointed mess of channels.

Most of these channels lack even the most rudimentary features that have been included in email clients for over a decade.

“Email changed my life”

17 years ago email enabled me to build a successful business that now operates across 3 continents. Today email remains our primary sales channel, and counter to popular belief continues to grow in importance year on year.

Email allowed me to maintain friendships around the globe at a level of intimacy that social media can only dream of achieving.

“Email is the single greatest productivity tool to be created in my lifetime”

Email isn’t the problem, disorganised individuals blaming their tools are the problem. As I’m writing this I can tell you my inbox is empty. Yes I have actionable items to be worked on, but they’re in my schedule alongside all my other todo items.

Simply put, email remains the least noisy of all my modern communication channels.

This leaves me with only one conclusion, I’m simply not as popular as everyone else….. In which case no one will read this anyway so screw you social media, LONG LIVE EMAIL!