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Building online businesses for more than 25 years!

We don’t just sell services, we build online businessesWe know what it takes to build a 7 figure + online business. We’ve built 3 of our own.

About James

James Ketchell is an online business expert, writer and the founder of LeadDigital

James founded his first online business Serchen.com in 1997, which celebrated its 25th year in 2022. 

James has built three 7 figure businesses of his own, and helped multiple companies achieve the similar results.

A pioneer of the remote working revolution. His team are located across the UK, Europe and the USA. 

His knowledge in building multiple online companies, combined with his expertise in the software and tools needed to create a truly digital business, are in high demand.

A respected business writer, James publishes a popular digital marketing newsletter each Saturday.

James made the decision to launch LeadDigital in 2014 after helping several business owners struggling to find quality agency partners.

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The Problem

When an industry is full of young companies, run by inexperienced management teams, competing in an overcrowded market with incredibly low barriers to entry, it’s not surprising there are issues.

Most agencies fall into 1 of 3 types. 

FOMO Agencies – They want to sell the latest marketing fad. A highly effective sales tactic designed to create anxiety in the business owner. Thankfully they’re easy to spot. They ALWAYS talk in absolutes (like that). Phrases like “You must have a podcast” or “You’re business will die without a youtube channel” are huge red flags. They sell fear, fear in the form of missing out. They’re the same kind of people that said the video would kill radio. 

BRANDING Agencies – They want to sell the emperor some new clothes. Unlike their FOMO cousins, branding agencies focus almost exclusively on aesthetics. Red flags to watch for are industry awards. They love nothing more than attending industry dinners and getting some peer recognition in the form of a trophy and bragging about it. These agencies are hazardous because they sell to the business owner’s ego. Every business owner wants their brand to look amazing! How could you put a price on that….. and there lies the problem, of course.

FAKE Agencies – These are the sweatshops of the digital world. They sell a service at the lowest possible price and then outsource the work, usually to a third world freelancer. The red flag is pretty apparent. Low, low, low prices. If the price seems unbelievable, then it is. Quality digital marketing work requires skilled people with talent. 

Can you see the problem? – No matter which category of agency you choose, they all share a common trait. They’re ONLY interested in selling you a service rather than solving your problem


The Solution

Fifteen years ago, it was possible to treat your digital agency as just another supplier. Traditional brick and mortar businesses needed nothing more than a new website every couple of years. 

Today the world is a very different place. Either through e-commerce or enquiries, the bulk of your business is now coming via the internet.

If you want to survive & thrive in this fast-changing digital landscape, you need to stop working with digital suppliers and find yourself a digital partner.

A digital partner with the commercial experience to match your own, talking a language you understand. LeadDigital is founded on these exact principles.

 If you are interested in clarity, transparency and sometimes brutal honesty, then you should read on…..


Radical Candor

WARNING: Our approach isn’t right for everyone. Clients work with us because we employ a LOT of “radical candour”. This style can come as a shock to anyone used to being told what they want to hear. We will tell you exactly how it is!




What we do

We don’t just sell services, we build online businesses. We do this in 4 ways.

We will increase your website visitors, using pay per click advertising.​

We will help you grow your repeat customers using email marketing.​

We will increase the percentage of those visitors who become your customers by improving how your website works.​

We will integrate & automate each of these steps, letting you spend more time on your business and less on your marketing.​

Next steps

If you read this far then theres a good chance we speak the same language and would make great potential partners. Clicking the button below will let you schedule a 30 min discovery call with James. It’s an opportunity to tell your story and see if working with LeadDigital makes commercial sense for your business.