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DIY Email Marketing [Pros & Cons]


Should you be doing your own email marketing or outsourcing it to an agency?

Are you stuck in the email marketing failure cycle?

Email Marketing Failure Cycle ⚠️

  1. Add subscriber box to website

  2. Get a few subscribers (or add your friends and family)

  3. Panic that you need to send them something

  4. Make a newsletter using a free Mailchimp template

  5. Suddenly realise you have nothing to say.

  6. Procrastinate….

  7. Cobble something together all about yourself.

  8. Send it when it’s finished without thinking about timings

  9. See no results (or understand what the results mean)

  10. Repeat for a few months (OK, 2 months)

  11. Stop doing it for a few months (OK, 6 months)

  12. See a blog post about the power of email marketing.

  13. Repeat steps 1 through 12.

To break out of this cycle you need to fundamentally change your approach to email marketing. You need to start treating it seriously. Which means:

  1. Hire someone in-house for the email marketing role.

  2. Hire an agency to do the email marketing on your behalf.

Is it time to hire for an email marketing role, or should you be outsourcing to an agency?

Do It Yourself Email Marketing


  • Control – You control every element of the process
  • Privacy – Strategy and results are only visible internally.
  • Bespoke – You can create a process that’s tailored to your business.


  • Expensive – Costly to a specialist role
  • Experience – Individuals will likely lack real experience
  • Knowledge – Hard to keep up-to-date on current trends
  • Distraction – Unless the role is dedicated it will likely become a distraction.

Outsourcing Email Marketing


  • Focus – Email marketing is the focus of the agency rather than a distraction.
  • Costs – Agency resources can scale up or down with your needs.
  • Skills – Agencies have specialist skills in email marketing.
  • Benchmarking – An agency has other client data to use for benchmarking your performance.


  • Trust – It can take time to establish trust with an agency
  • Costs – Minimum costs might be too higher for smaller businesses.
  • Communication – Can require more work than internal (although in a world of remote working the issues are less than they once were)

Thankfully there is a third option!

The pros and cons above all assume an ongoing relationship with an agency. There is of course the third option……

Hire an agency to create a plan for you!

Get an agency to create a strategy for your business (bespoke) that is based on their broader client experience.

Have the agency teach you the tactics they use with their clients to get the best results.

Test all of the above with your business. THEN MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION…..

  1. Hire someone to continue to execute the agency plan in house

  2. Continue to work with the agency based on their results.