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7 Google Ads Extensions that Boost your CTR

Ads can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.

41% of users said they trusted online ads.

But it is not just the intangible advantages that attracted you towards Google AdWords (now called Google Ads), right?

A whopping 90% of customers said that ads influenced their purchase decision.

63% of online shoppers have clicked on a Google ad.
Those who click on an ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

The average conversion rate for Google Ads is 75%.

But Google Ads doesn’t mean easy sales and quick money. You’ll have to work for it.


Setting up your Google Ads campaign isn’t enough. If you want extra results (read: better than your competitors), you’ll have to walk the extra mile with extensions.

Do I need to pump in more money for that?

No. They show no additional cost.

More time in the office then?

Not at all. In fact, you might be able to leave faster.

Are these extensions hard to set up?

No. They are easy. We are talking about Google, after all, nothing is ‘not easy’ here.

You can absolutely trust Google to place every possible tool right in your arm’s reach. There are more Google AdWords extensions that you could count on your fingers.

But choosing the right ones – that’s a task you’ll have to do.

You aren’t alone, though.

Most SEM service providers would guide you about that. And they’ll even add those extensions and manage the campaign for you. Hire experts, and you won’t even have to lift a finger. Problem solved. Mission accomplished.

For those in the DIY camp, here’s a quick cheat sheet for you.

We have listed the seven best ad extensions that will help boost your CTR. Read on. – Read more

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