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Google Analytics Tutorial for Right-Brained Marketers: 4 Hacks You Didn’t Know

My Post - 2019-08-06T180359.633.pngOver 27 million websites across the world use Google Analytics, yet marketers aren’t sure about its full functionalities or potential to drive creative marketing campaigns.

In this Google Analytics tutorial, we look at:

  • 4 exciting features that you didn’t know Google Analytics comes with
  • Actionable steps on making these capabilities work for you
  • Why Google Analytics makes perfect sense for the creatively inclined “right-brained” marketer

As a marketer, you’ve probably used Google Analytics at some point in your career. It’s the go-to platform for websites around the world, and it’s estimated that over 27 million live websites use Google Analytics.

However, Google Analytics has earned a reputation for being complicated and hard to navigate. If you’re a right-brained marketer, with a penchant for the creative side of things, there’s a chance that you’re losing out on the full functionalities of the feature-rich, Google Analytics.

There are plenty of Google Analytics tutorials out there that tell you how to measure traffic and find patterns in website interactions. But is that enough? What do you do with these metrics if you can’t convert them into actionable insights? We compiled this quick Google Analytics tutorial uncovering hidden tips & tricks to make them work in your marketing campaigns. – Read more