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A brief moment of reflection

Damn, I’m feeling energised lately. Head feels clear. Direction for the business seems so obvious. How we’re working as a team is the most peaceful and unified I’ve witness in 17 years.

I just had a call with my father, he was asking lots of questions as to how its all been going since we closed our head office. When I told him I was taking everyone up to Tahoe next month, on a company retreat, it blew his mind.

How can you work up there? Who’s running things whilst your away? Etc etc.

All excellent questions that highlighted the amazing world we now live in.

If you could travel back in time just ten years and describe this scenario, people would think you’d gone mad.

Yet here we are in 2015 and anything feels possible. Software really is eating the world.

I hate using the term, lucky, but at the very least, as I sit here writing these few words (listening to music streaming on spotify) I feel very fortunate. Fortunate to have been born in an era which has provided such incredible opportunities.

My children (10 year old twins) are perhaps even more fortunate. I wonder how they’ll be describing things to their father in a few years time?

Truly an amazing time to be alive!

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