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6 Competitor Insights You Can Get in 30 Minutes

Experienced marketers know their company’s rivals inside and out, and they know that there are always more competitive insights to discover. From marketing trends to competitive landscape analysis, traffic dynamics within your market and its key players can uncover a lot.

Let’s look at some of the more complex findings that your rivals’ website traffic metrics can deliver. Set your clock: we have 30 minutes and 6 hidden points to reveal.

The insights below were found with the help of Market Explorer and Traffic Analytics

If you want to learn how to reveal specific website traffic metrics of your competitors, please refer to this article

Competitive Insight #1: Who is Really Leading the Market?

When planning a marketing campaign, you may be looking at your company’s main rival for insights and strategies, but are you looking at everything you should? 

If you only judge your competitors by brand awareness, estimated market share, or frequency of PR appearances, you may be missing the competitor who has the best reach and traffic. 

A better strategy to find a legitimate digital benchmark is to check out the top 5 competitors that are neck and neck with you. 

Identify the one with the highest traffic volume in the last 12 months; note whether they showed exponential or stable growth over the year and if they had any decreases over the period. Whether it correlates with offline popularity or not, take this company’s website as a benchmark and build your campaigns with an understanding of their successful and unsuccessful activities.

Let’s look at some example data below:

In a quest for competitive market analysis, we simply took the biggest-on-the-market food delivery brand, Domino’s, and entered it into Market Explorer. 

The tool automatically gathers the top market players within your industry, showing their traffic, aka online market, share while also reflecting their QoQ, or YoY growth/decline dynamics :


The Growth Quadrat widget places your competitors within four categories:

  • Game-Changers: sites that are getting big visitor spikes within a short timeframe yet overall have a lower traffic share.
  • Leaders: sites that have both the volume and the traffic growth dynamics.
  • Niche Players: sites with both lower-traffic-share and slower-than-average online market growth.
  • Established Players: sites with a relatively large online market share but lower traffic growth rate.

Further along, make sure to check the companies’ traffic sources and be aware of the one that drives the most traffic. 

You don’t have to go anywhere else in search of this data – Market Explorer dissects your rivals’ key traffic sources and gives a breakdown of each channel’s impact. – Read more