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4 Ways Digital Marketing Is Influencing User Choice & Customer Acquisition

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The 21st century has witnessed the greatest revolution: The Internet.

As the world changes steadily, so does the market. So how do MNCs, startups and other companies realign their marketing strategy to their own benefit?

Civilized society has always been driven by curiosity and progress. As we progressed, we had a few defining moments, which accelerated our historical timeline and the product is the current age, our time, our present. We catapulted our own growth and pushed us far beyond the ordinary. Although each invention or discovery has a very important contribution, none has been so globally inclusive like the Internet. The interconnected web has transcended its importance and now controls our life, our thoughts and our opinions.

When internet was conceived, it was primarily used for communication. The electronic mail took telephones and fax machines head on, beating them in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reduced time consumption. However, we are the manipulators of our own inventions. Soon the world realized that this technology can be scaled and used in businesses, marketing & advertising among other ventures. The circle of demands and supply did the rest. The world hasn’t been the same since the late 90s and won’t be the same ever again. – Read