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4 Great File-Sharing Collaboration Software Tools for 2022

There are many aspects to collaboration software, but for businesses looking to create a centralized database of important documents and assets having collaboration software with file-sharing capabilities is a must.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at powerful collaboration tools that contain robust file-sharing features, as well as other great tools for helping get the most out of your workforce, as rated by our Serchen community of real-world users.

Why Do You Need a Centralized File Database?

There are several good reasons to centralize your file database in the cloud and very few downsides.

Firstly, by having all of your files, documents and assets accessible to the people who need them whenever they need them, you cut down dramatically on wait times. We’re all familiar with information siloing, so think of this as a remedy to asset siloing — ensuring that your important files are available in an instant to whoever needs them.

For businesses with teams around the world or on different work schedules, making sure that your files are kept on an online database rather than one person’s hard drive means you can avoid hours of delays for your team waiting for other people to respond.

You also enable your staff your work on documents collaboratively when they’re hosted on a cloud-based system, meaning you can have several people editing one file at once, rather than having to make individual changes and pass the file around.

Plus, you make your important files accessible to workers who aren’t tied to an office. With the rise in remote workers, and with the demands of business demanding more and more flexibility in how we work, ensuring your staff have access to the files they need, wherever they are in the world, whenever they need them, is a viable solution for every business, no matter the size. – Read more