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3 Unconventional Ways to Use Automated Bidding

My Post - 2019-09-20T112422.208.pngSmart bidding has been around for a good amount of time now which hopefully means you’ve been able to play around with it on your accounts.

Everyone always seems to jump to their largest search campaigns to test it out but there are some really creative ways to use these strategies across the funnel.

As a reminder, there are some recommendations and best practices to keep in mind when deciding to opt into these strategies. For a month in-depth summary, check out a previous post of mine that takes a closer look at smart bidding.

Specifics to Look At:

Automated bidding will not work just because you have to put it in the right environment for success. Some specific things I like to keep in mind when deciding on a strategy are as follows:

  • Have we had at least 15 (but closer to 30) conversions in the last 30 days?
  • What is our impression share and overall goal of the campaign? A low impression share means maximize conversions will likely work better.

Here are some unconventional ways you can start to think about using automated bidding.

Display Remarketing:

Since you’re already filtering things down to a qualified audience, you may have never thought about tapping into Google’s bidding features here. Let’s face it, you’re likely spending a lot less here too than going after new customers too.

Display can be a bit of a tricky area with weird placements, a pretty large variance in CPCs depending on the website, and a whole host of other things. By using either Target CPA or Maximize Conversions, Google should do a lot of the placement work for you and really go after the best customer at the end of the day.

You’ll want to ensure you’re not excluding quality traffic mistakenly but this could be a great option to extract some additional performance out of Display. – Read more

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