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14 Simple Email Marketing Tips To Make You Money

Quick Tips

A super quick refresher on 14 quick fixes to immediately make your email marketing more effective

  1. Consistency matters! – Frequent Ok emails are better than irregular great emails….. So create a publishing schedule you can stick to.  Start with monthly and work up from there.

  2. Start a “swipe file” – This is a place you can save any marketing content that has moved you. Doesn’t need to be fancy. The only key thing is it needs to be accessible on all devices.

  3. Subscribe to lots of newsletters – Competitors obviously makes a lot of sense, but go broader than that to find inspiration for your own content.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time – Try to keep the focus of each email on a singular topic. It makes it easier to link the subject to a call to action if the reader isn’t jumping from topic to topic.

  2. Use preview text – Don’t just focus on the subject line, make sure to utilise the preview text shown below the subject in email clients to tease the reader into wanting to know more.

  3. Treat emails like a funnel – Subject line, preview text, intro paragraph, call to action…..

  4. Read your email out loud before sending – does it sound like the way you talk?  Great email marketing is conversational. Try using a voice memo app to dictate into until you get it right.

  5. Open rates matter (but not as much as you think) – Don’t lose sight of the goal of the campaign! Make sure the offer and CTA get the attention they deserve!

  6. Make the most of automation – Invest some time in at least one automated email sequence.  Start with a great welcome / onboarding sequence!

  7. Segment your list! – Don’t send the same email to everyone on your list. Segmenting your list helps you personalise your message and dramatically increase results.

  8. Split testing works! – Split test your subject lines and welcome sequences until they’re fully optimised. Improving each step is never a never-ending process. Don’t get complacent.

  9.  Check your links – Make sure every link in your email works as it should before sending. This is an easy thing to overlook and can kill a campaign and subscriber confidence in one hit.

  10.  Keep it short – There are some exceptions but as rule peoples  attention spans are getting shorter, so get to your point as quickly as possible to avoid turning off your subscribers.

  11.  Don’t be afraid of replies – In fact, I recommend you ask for them. Email is a relationship-building tool, not a one-way tannoy system.
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