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The Ultimate Content Ideas System


Are you struggling to constantly come up with new content ideas for your newsletter or blog? 

In the next 10 mins, I’m going to show you how to produce an endless supply of amazing content using nothing more than a FREE website and two clever hacks.

No More Content Ideas?

I think we’ve all been there. We write the first 5-10 blog posts and publish a few newsletters only to realise we’ve run out of content ideas.  How the heck are we going to produce content for the rest of the year or next year???? 

Panic starts to sink in as we realise we’ve seemingly tapped our creative well dry! The time and effort needed to generate new content ideas are way too much to deal with. You start to question why you even started the project in the first place!  

Unless you’re incredibly fortunate this moment of doubt usually coincides with a time when your content is yet to show any results. This is the point at which most newsletters and blogs fall dormant and begin to start to decay.  

I went through the exact same thought process when I started writing our weekly newsletter and blog. Once I’d used up the few burning ideas that had been sitting in my brain all these years, I felt like I was running on empty. In fact, it’s this very problem that led to my first few blogs falling by the wayside over the years. 

Unlimited Content Ideas!

Have you ever wondered how some newsletters and blogs seem to have an endless supply of engaging content?  I know I did! It used to drive me nuts.  I started to question everything.  I dreaded having to sit at my computer once a week to come up with something new to write about. My writing became forced and of course, that showed through in my reader engagement.  

Fortunately, I discovered a method to find endless content ideas for any blog or newsletter, regardless of niche!

Let me introduce you to a website you might have come across already.  Google….. Ok! I’ll admit that might have been a bit of an anti-climatic reveal. Bare with me, I promise it’s worth it.  

Let me show you exactly how I use Google to generate a never-ending supply of topics to write about.

How to use Google

With more than 5 billion searches per day, Google is by far the best research tool available today.

There are 2 methods I use on Google to find content ideas. 

1. People Also Ask – Using a real-life topic example.  Imagine we have a website selling windsurfing boards. Let’s use Google to produce a quick list of topics to write about. We’ll start off with a nice general search on google for “windsurfing”


Now because I’ve used a single search term, Google will normally push a Wikipedia result as number one.  This is because they don’t know what our intention is other than that one search term.  

Sometimes you might see ads at the top of the page as well, but we can ignore those too. What we’re looking for is the box marked “People also ask:”. These are questions that google users have also searched for around that topic.

In the screenshot above I can already see 3 interesting looking topics for content.

Is windsurfing hard?

Is windsurfing easier than surfing?

Is windsurfing safer than kitesurfing?

It doesn’t stop there though.  If you click on any of the questions a small box will appear with a basic answer. (This is taken from the top-ranked content for that search term) Collapse the heading back down again and you’ll notice that the number of questions has just increased as well


Now we have another two more interesting topics we could write about as well!

How fast can you go windsurfing?

Which is better surfing or windsurfing?

IMPORTANT: Keep clicking and expanding on those headings and more and more and more questions are revealed!


But that’s not all! You can take any of these questions and use that as a google search of its own.  This will produce another list of questions often completely different to the first.  Here’s an example:


As you can see when I did a search for “is windsurfing easier than surfing” I was given a new set of related questions. Two immediately stand out as great subjects to write about.

So in the space of 5 mins and a couple of searches we have already come up with 7 new content ideas on a random topic! But theres still more!

Is windsurfing hard?

Is windsurfing easier than surfing?

Is windsurfing safer than kitesurfing?

How fast can you go windsurfing?

Which is better surfing or windsurfing?

Is windsurfing safer than surfing?

Can you learn windsurfing in a day?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the google search results page, you’ll find the second method I use for finding new content ideas.

2. Related Searches: These are searches that google associates with the search query you have just used. This can be incredibly useful to kick off your hunt for new topics.  Here’s an example using the same “windsurfing” search term.  


As you can see one related search leaps off the page (I’m deliberately using an easy example to illustrate the point.). Clicking on the related search reveals the following page, and the “people also ask:” box.


Yet again we are presented with a fantastic list of topics to write about. Better still these topics have a ton of buyer intent around them too!  Topics that leap off the page are:

What equipment do you need for windsurfing?

How much does a windsurfing kit cost?

What windsurfer rig should I buy?

So in less than 10 mins, we’ve generated 10 great topics around windsurfing to kickstart a content schedule. Anyone with windsurfing knowledge (which I’ll be the first to admit isn’t me) could easily expand on each of these subjects in multiple directions. Just adding terms like “beginner” or “advanced” to the question posed, will no doubt send you down numerous new avenues.

Wrapping up

Using this system you’ll be able to easily produce a regular list of topics on any subject that help solve your potential buyer’s problems.  Helping people is the first step in establishing trust and a foundational step on the journey to growing your audience and increasing sales!

Note: I haven’t touched on SEO, specifically search volumes and keyword analysis which are both very important over the longer term.  It’s MORE important that you take action right away and don’t confuse things with more complexity than is needed.  Start by building the writing muscle and develop repeatable processes. The rest will follow!

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