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What is Outside Sales?

what is outside sales

Outside sales involves sales representatives traveling to meet clients face-to-face, as opposed to inside sales where interactions are primarily remote, conducted via phone, email, or online platforms. The idea vs outside sales is simple: pack a bag, travel, and meet potential or existing clients in their own environment.

The Face-to-Face Factor

The value of face-to-face interaction in outside the sales cycle cannot be overstated. Think of it like this: some things just can’t be fully conveyed through a screen or over a phone call. Meeting in person allows for a deeper understanding of the client’s needs, the opportunity to build stronger relationships, and often leads to closing bigger deals.

The Complexity Angle

This approach is particularly useful for selling complex or high-value products and services. Whether it’s industrial machinery, real estate, or specialized software, these are not offerings that can be easily explained or sold over a quick phone call. Detailed presentations and even live demos are often necessary.

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