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Solutions Oriented: How To Cultivate A Results-Driven Mindset

Solutions Oriented

Ah, the thrill of facing a problem head-on and emerging victorious! Every problem-solver, from a novice to a seasoned expert, knows this feeling. And if you’ve ever found yourself drowning in an issue, wondering why others seem to navigate it effortlessly, you might have noticed a common trait among them – they’re solutions oriented.

What does it mean to be “solutions or solution oriented person”? Is it just a modern-day jargon, or is there more to it? Picture this: Two people are stuck in a dense forest. The first one panics, thinking of all the wild animals, the cold night, and the uncertainty of getting out. The second one, while acknowledging these threats, starts thinking, “How can I climb a tree to see a way out?” or “Can I use the sun’s position to determine the direction?” The second person is a solutions oriented leader or solution oriented leader.

This mindset isn’t about denying problems or being unrealistically optimistic. It’s about focusing energy on: finding solutions, the right answers, learning, and adapting. It’s the difference between seeing a dead-end versus a detour. Being solutions oriented means constantly looking for avenues, even in seemingly impossible situations. It’s about resilience, innovation, and tenacity.

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