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How to Run An Asynchronous Meeting

asynchronous meeting

So, what are asynchronous meetings? Simply put, an asynchronous meeting is a gathering (well, sort of) that doesn’t happen in real-time. Unlike your typical meeting where everyone sits in a conference room at the same time, an asynchronous meeting allows team members to contribute their thoughts and ideas at their own pace and in their own time. Picture a chat room where you can drop in, read up on the discussion, share your input, and then move along with your day. Pretty neat, huh?


And why do async meetings do we need them, especially now? In this era of remote and flexible working arrangements, asynchronous meetings are a game-changer. They respect everyone’s time, accommodate different time zones, and give introverted team members a comfortable space to voice their ideas.


An asynchronous meeting is a type of gathering where participants do not need to be present at the same time. Instead, communication occurs through messages, emails, or shared documents, allowing people to contribute and respond at their own convenience.  


One more thing before we close this section: it’s crucial to understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous meetings. Picture a live, in-person conference – that’s your traditional synchronous meeting. Now imagine a forum thread where everyone’s pitching in at different times – there’s your asynchronous meeting. See the difference?


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