Marketing Tools

These are the marketing tools we use and recommend for 2022

Convertkit is the email marketing software we use for LeadDigital. Aimed more at content creators and those selling digital products and services. Convertkit offers an incredible array of tools that allow us to produce highly personalised email content for our audience.

Each of our email subscribers is automatically tagged and segmented into areas of interest. Which allows us to engage with them on topics we know they’ve already expressed an interest in.

We use their automations to send sequenced emails to new subscribers as well, which gives them a softer onboarding experience when working with our brand. 

Unbounce is the landing page software we use for many of our client campaigns. Landing page software is an essential part of many of our advertising campaigns.

Unbounce allows us to easily create stand-alone web pages (landing pages) that we can use alongside advertising campaigns without the need to use designers and web developers each step of the way.

Landing pages are incredibly useful when there’s a need to expand on the ad copy used in a specific ad, but don’t want to have to add unnecessary pages to your website. It also means you can match the ad copy to the landing page copy, giving the visitor a very targeted, personalised path to follow.

CoSchedule is our online marketing calendar. It gives us a great top-level view of all marketing activity across the business, but its real power lies in its automation. Similar to tools like buffer and Hootsuite, it lets you schedule social media posts into the future. But what we really love is its integration into our WordPress blogging platform 

Using their WordPress plugin we can see exactly when our blog posts are scheduled to appear (move them about if needed) and link them directly to social media campaigns. This is a pretty unique feature as it allows you to schedule social media posts against blog posts you haven’t even posted yet!

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