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Will advertisers flee a ‘free speech’ Twitter?

🐦  Will advertisers flee a ‘free speech’ Twitter? There is one significant complication with running an unmoderated (or only lightly moderated) social platform supported by advertisers: and that’s the advertisers themselves. They might leave!

👀  No you’re not paranoid, Amazon really is using Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads! Yes, you talking to the device – generates ad auction bids from advertisers that are as much as 30x higher than the bids would be without Amazon Echo speaker data.

🌍  LinkedIn Adds New Profile Links and Newsletter Promotion Options. LinkedIn has added a new option to showcase a link on your profile, along with new analytics tools for group posts, a video trimming feature on mobile, and new newsletter display options.

🛒 Buy now pay later on the rise in e-commerce stores. In the U.S. 80% of those shoppers use BNPL to avoid credit card debt, as do 70% in the U.K. If you’re not yet offering consumers BNPL options on your shopping cart, you could start to see significant impact to your conversion rates in coming months.

💰 U.K online sales continue to trend down. Online sales have been trending down since their peak in Feb 2021. They still sit on average at 20% above pre-pandemic levels, which supports the theory of a longer-term shift in consumer behaviour.