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Why you shouldn’t use Google Ads’ seasonality adjustments for COVID-19 fluctuations

My Post (1).pngIt’s not the right tool for addressing conversion rate volatility during this time. Here’s why.

The coronavirus outbreak has had dramatic impact on nearly every business, including on conversion rates. Whether your business is experiencing a surge or precipitous decline in conversion rate during this time, Google Ads’ seasonality adjustment isn’t the tool to turn to.

Short-term solution. Seasonality adjustments are available for Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. They are meant to be used to inform Google’s bidding systems about expected short-term conversion rate changes — during special promotions, product launches or more nuanced short interval bumps and lulls specific to your business.

The tool is ideal for periods between one and seven days. For example, if you’re planning a two-day sale and expect conversion rates to go up 40% during that set period of time, you can set the seasonality adjustment to cover those days.

Machine learning systems like smart bidding use historical data and signals to predict future outcomes. When performance data changes quickly, the modeling adjustments can lag. Seasonality adjustments give advertisers a way to manual tell the system to adjust the prediction modeling for a short period. After the seasonality adjustment period ends, smart bidding reverts back immediately without having to slowly readjust. – Read more