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What publishers need to know now about creating a better ad experience

My Post (89).jpgWhen you work in digital advertising, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be an average internet user.

But when you take a step back and experience the web as most people do, you begin to understand why so many people employ ad blockers.

Ad blocking is bad news for everyone in digital advertising, including publishers who depend on ad revenue to fund content and advertisers trying to connect with audiences. But ad blocking is really a symptom of a broken user experience — one that marketers, agencies, publishers, and ad technology providers must work together to help fix.

For years, the user experience has been tarnished by irritating and intrusive ads. Thanks to extensive research by the Coalition for Better Ads, we now know which ad formats and experiences users find the most annoying. Working from this data, the Coalition has developed the Better Ads Standards, offering publishers and advertisers a road map for the formats and ad experiences to avoid.

Since the Coalition launched the ad standards in January 2018, I’ve been working with publishers to help them improve the ads on their sites. Based on my experience, here are three key things publishers need to know about what this change means for them. – Read more