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What is call tracking?

call tracking

Call tracking is a technology that allows you to track and record incoming calls from customers, prospects, and other stakeholders. It enables business owners to identify which marketing channels are bringing in the most leads, what the customer experience is like when they call your company, and what strategies help drive conversions.

What is call tracking? Put simply, call tracking provides valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t, so you can make better decisions when it comes to marketing, sales, customer service, and other aspects of your business.

Call tracking utilizes a software tracking system that assigns a unique trackable phone number for each incoming call. It then records what time the call came in, what channel the caller used to initiate contact, and what kind of interaction occurred. For example, if a customer sees your digital ads online and calls your call tracking number, you can track what advertisement they saw before reaching out. Read more of this article about what is call tracking on serchen.com