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What Does ‘Not Set’ Mean in Google Analytics?

My Post - 2019-07-18T171607.948.pngOne of the most common issues you’ll experience in Google Analytics is (not set) values.

Missing or inaccurate data compromises your ability to gain reliable insights and make valuable business decisions, which is the whole point of using a platform like Google Analytics.

Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about (not set) values.

What does ‘not set’ actually mean?

It means GA hasn’t received any valid information for the dimension you’ve selected. However, the reason you’re getting this value and the potential implications can vary, depending on the report it appears in.

Here are some examples:

Page titles

If you’re looking at page views and set the primary dimension to “page title”, you’ll want to keep an eye out for (not set) values. This is definitely something you should address if you’re seeing this value for pages that rank – or should rank – in search engines.

For non-indexed pages, pages behind login screens or other pages that don’t need to rank, this isn’t such an issue. – Read more