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Using Google Analytics’ Learning Resources

My Post - 2019-08-28T173424.374.pngGoogle Analytics is sophisticated and comprehensive. 

Getting started — logging in, using the menu, viewing the reports — is straightforward. But interpreting the data can be difficult. Fortunately, Google Analytics offers many learning resources to help.


Google Analytics provides helpful instruction on using the platform. An example is a link in the header for each table report. Clicking on the question mark next to the name of a metric will reveal the definition of that metric.

There is also a help menu link in the top-right of every page in Google Analytics. Clicking on the question mark opens a window of popular articles and a method of typing questions into the search bar for answers.


Reports in Google Analytics also include an “Insights” tab in most cases. Clicking on “Insights” will reveal impactful and, possibly, actionable info. The tab also provides a way to obtain data by asking questions or viewing questions and answers from other users.

The “Insights on Demand” section is at the bottom of the pop-up.

Each section of Insights on Demand includes common questions, which, when clicked, provides answers regarding your data. If you struggle with interpreting that data, this reporting method can be beneficial.

Typical questions in the Insights On Demand section include “How many users did I have last week?” and “How many total new users did I have in the last 12 months?”


There are many videos on YouTube for the Google Analytics suite of products, including Google Analytics’ proprietary channel. The videos provide explanations with example data. – Read more