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Three Tips For Lowering Customer Acquisition Costs And Increasing Sales

My Post (9)As professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for ways to get more from less with our marketing dollars. Marketing budgets and strategies vary across different industries and businesses, but I imagine most of us would like to lower our customer acquisition costs through paid media while simultaneously increasing sales.

So how can you do this effectively in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, where consumer attention is shorter than ever, and it’s increasingly hard to stand out and be heard?

As a performance coach and entrepreneur, I recommend using the following simple paid digital media strategies to help create compelling results in your business:

Original thought leadership is king.

You might hear this sentiment a lot, but it’s true. Unique and original content and thought leadership is the most effective and valuable way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By continuing to innovate and be a leader in your field of expertise, taking existing ideas and repackaging them together in new and exciting ways, and demonstrating authority and command of your subject matter, I believe you will always set yourself apart from your competitors.

The best way to do this is to develop a content strategy and create a list of questions that your ideal client or customer probably already has in their mind. This usually centers on the pains, frustrations, aspirations and interests that your ideal client would have as it relates to your space.

Remember not to assume you know all of this already; instead, get out there in the market and ask people what they’re struggling with and what they’re looking for. Be ready to test ideas and hypotheses, and take surveys and do digital focus groups to be confident in this list of questions. You can also use tools that help you analyze search engine traffic and the relevance of various topics and questions.

Once you do this research, create both video content and blog post content that can answer your audience’s questions. It then comes down to consistency and dissemination across all social media channels so that your content becomes exposed, seen and remembered.

Warm your audience up by leveraging traffic ads that offer free value.

Sometimes people make the mistake and run expensive paid digital media ad campaigns to extremely cold traffic that has never heard of them, their company, their product or their service. The better strategy is to run traffic ads surrounding the content and thought leadership pieces you create.

This helps to build a warm audience of prospects you can add value to for free, which will build your authority and create impressions and name recognition with your prospects and ideal customers. – Read more