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The Key to Successfully Generating New Leads for Your Company

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As the founder of a digital marketing company, I am tasked with the goal of generating new leads for my clients and I am constantly testing out innovative ways in my pursuit. Our company works with a lot of gyms and discovered a “secret sauce” to increasing leads prospects, which I share below. Not a gym? Good news. You can apply the following to any business.

Facebook Message Chatbots 

Message bots are a rather new option on Facebook that allow you to have an automated conversation with people who click on your messenger. Rather than sending them to a landing page where the individual would fill out the typical first name, last name, email, phone number bit, you are engaging in a conversation. This allows for a better understanding of what the customer is looking for.

We have utilized message chatbots to offer a free pass to the gym, have prospects fill out fitness assessments and allow members to register for new classes. You can develop your own chatbot, which will allow for a more personalized experience for your potential lead.– Read more

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