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The Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

crm for marketing agencies

Relax, this is NOT a generic listicle showing you the same 5 best CRM brands you’ve checked out already. The CRM tools below have been chosen specifically as the best CRM software for marketing agencies.

As a marketing agency owner for almost two decades, I’m probably more qualified than most writers when it comes to the subject of agency CRM software. Over the last few years, I’ve tried and tested ALL the CRM tools on this list and countless others.

Before we jump into the list below, I wanted to explain why the larger industry names are missing from this list.

Salesforce, Zoho CRM and Sugar CRM are all giants in the software industry, and would all work perfectly well for marketing agencies. All of them, however, leave the agency owner with yet another silo of information to connect to additional tools. So although this post is titled the “Best CRM for marketing agencies“, in reality, it goes much further. – Read More