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Should your organization have a podcast?

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“I want to start a podcast” is a sentence that flies out of executives’ mouths these days.

They’re excited and determined, but often the marketing team has a more pragmatic view. PR pros aren’t dream-killers, but they know what a huge undertaking a podcast is and what it takes to be successful long term.

Here are three questions to answer before your organization starts podcasting:

1. Do you have enough to say?

What are you going to talk about on a podcast? What topic will you want to talk about for 20 plus minutes every week for at least six months (potentially years)? It is a little more daunting when put into context.

The podcast idea was probably raised because you have great stories to tell. Maybe you have really great relationships with your customers and want to share their success stories with the world. Perhaps your engineers are crazy excited to discuss all of the ways 3D printing is changing manufacturing for customers. – Read