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Profitable Online Advertising Checklist!

  • Goals
    Start with the end in mind.  What is the goal of the advertising campaign?  Generate leads, downloads, purchases?  Make sure you have a specific action that you want the visitors from your ad campaign to take.

  • Measurable
    It makes sense if you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it.  So ensure that you have your google analytics accounts set up to track “goal conversions”

  • Tracking Links
    Each ad campaign should have a unique tracking link (Google “UTM links”).  Combined with Google Analytics this should enable you to measure at least two things.  Visitors and Goals from each source.

  • Target Audience
    Clearly define who you are targeting and their specific interests.  Outline the pleasure or pain your product or service is addressing. You should have a clear picture of your ideal customer before moving onto the next step.

  • Ad Headline & Copy
    Don’t waste time talking about yourself. No one wants to know about you.  It’s all about pleasure or pain.  Specifically what pleasure you provide or what pain can you take away?  Make sure your Ad headline reinforces what’s in it for them!

  • Call to action
    Ensure all ads (and landing pages) contain a single clear CTA (call to action).  What you want people to do at each step in your “sales funnel” should be crystal clear.

  • Display URLs
    Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter all allow you to display a different URL than the page you’re actually sending your visitors to.  Make sure the URL you display reinforces the message in your ads and your landing pages. E.g if you’re selling “red shoes” then  www.shoeshop.com/redshoes  would be perfect.

  • Landing Pages
    Whether you use a service like Unbounce, Leadpages or simply send traffic to your own website.  Ensure the “landing page” you send your visitors to reinforces the message conveyed in your ads.  These pages should have a single goal (tracked) and clear CTAs linked to that goal!  The less distraction the better.  People are increasingly short of time and the quicker you can help navigate them to taking the desired action the better.

  • Test, Test and Test Again
    Before you spend any money, make sure each step in your “sales funnel” is working.  Click your tracking links, view the visit in Google Analytics.  Perform the action that you defined as a goal (buy something if needed) and ensure its all reporting as expected in Google Analytics.  This isn’t very exciting but until it’s working correctly you will be flying blind

  • Optimise
    Once your ads are up and running, you can start viewing the results in Analytics and use that information to improve elements of the campaign.  Improve the response rate by changing your ad headlines and copy.  Improve the conversion rates on your landing pages by improving the offer and calls to action. 

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