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PPC Things Happen. React Wisely.

My Post (10).pngThere will be times when your business or clients will be affected by seasonality or current events. When these situations happen it’s important to take immediate action to limit any negative impact. Below are three quick actions I take whenever large events occur that affect account performance.

1. Reassess your budgets and creative

Typically, when current events or seasonality impact my accounts, budgets are lowered anywhere from 20-60% to curb loss in performance and prevent ads from showing in less than favorable searches or content. This also allows you time to think up a game plan on how you want to approach the current situation. Be sure to discuss any budget decreases with your clients ahead of time in case there’s a piece of data you might be missing. For example, with current events we’ve seen many businesses start to lose revenue, however, if you’re in Finance you might have seen an uptick of people who need advice on what to do with their money.

Now is the time to audit your creative to ensure it’s sensitive to current events and to increase visibility to your services to acclimate to current circumstances. Do you have drive-up pick up, free delivery, virtual tours or Facetime consultations? Add these offers in your copy and ad extensions to keep users interested.

2. Use Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool to gain an understanding of the popularity of your keywords or topics. Here’s a link to get a further understanding of how this tool works. What’s cool about this tool is it can be used if search trends outside of the US and for different languages. I usually look at the last 7 days to get the most recent data and type in my high performing keywords. In this example, I’ll use an open-ended keyword like “flights to”. – Read more