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Now live: Google 3D images and AR integration in mobile search

My Post (62).pngHave fun with 3D images in Google search by placing them in your room or office.

Google announced at Google I/O a few weeks ago support for 3D images and AR within search — that feature is now live. Many searchers are able to search for objects such as [shark], [lion], [panda], [alligator] and so on and see those 3D objects in search and then project them into their environments with AR.

How it works. Open your mobile browser on Android or iPhone and search for those types of terms. If you scroll down and see an option for “View in 3D” then you can click on that to load the object. Then you can click on the AR option to see the object in your location through your mobile phone’s camera.

Why we care. Numerous apps already support AR to enable consumers to see how furniture and other objects look in their homes or to see what different eyeglasses or makeup would look on them. This shows how Google can start to enable those kinds of capabilities in the SERP for commercial queries. – Read more