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New Google smart bidding signals coming: price competitiveness, seasonality for Shopping campaigns

My Post - 2019-04-25T171336.973.jpgMobile app ratings will also soon be among the signals Google uses in automated bidding.

Google’s automated smart bidding algorithms can take many signals into account at the time of the each auction — device information, search query, location, etc. Soon, it will add more signals to that list for App and Shopping campaigns, according to a help page.

What’s coming? Mobile app ratings will be a factor, with bids adjusted automatically based on “the strength and quantities of an app’s reviews.” An ad for app with a high number of positive reviews might be deemed likely to result in an install.

Price competitiveness and seasonality will each soon be factors for Shopping campaigns.

It’s no secret that price plays an important role in Google Shopping success. It’s already included among the product attributes signal Google uses, along with condition, brand and product category. But price competitiveness hasn’t explicitly been listed. Though, Andreas Reiffen of Crealytics, for one, has written and spoken on this very topic. When this update rolls out, Google may optimize bids based on a product’s price compared to its auction competitors. Low prices, deals and discounts will influence automated bids.

Google will also soon take seasonal performance trends into account with smart bidding in Shopping campaigns. As an example, Google says, an electronics retailer’s bids on ads for television sets may be adjusted during the holiday season “which typically sees a higher conversion likelihood.” – Read more