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Methods for PPC Success in Times of Uncertainty

My Post - 2020-03-26T154031.101.pngThe current state of the world leads to a period of uncertainty in the realm of digital advertising. Depending on where your company or your clients are positioned, the effects of COVID-19 are either having tremendous or horrible impacts on standard business performance. For those on the latter side, this is a time where advertisers are seeing budgetary shifts, paused platforms, and a whole array of other changes to navigate the new quarantine landscape.  If you find yourself in this group of advertisers, below are a few methods to ensure that you bring back lost performance and are ready to hit the ground running as life returns to normal (whenever that may be).

Reassess Current Marketing Goals

COVID-19 impacts may change which areas of your business are the most profitable. More workers are shifting to remote work from home across the world and more consumers are being confined to only purchasing non-essential items online. With a shifting consumer landscape, goals may need to be shifted to meet the new demands and target the user where they will actually be. Consider your currently employed strategies and determine whether those are tailored to reaching the new goals.

Write Case Studies

In a time of reduced budgets, perceived lack of work, and general changes; now is the time to work on material that can enhance your endeavors outside of actual advertising. Use this time to build case studies on your past successes that you can utilize later for pitches and internal marketing efforts. Help your marketing team with whitepapers, case studies, webinars, and any other materials that may help make life easier when things begin to normalize. By spending time preparing for the future now, you will thank yourself for the new bank of resources when that time comes. – Read more