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Make Sense of your Sales Metrics

The world of sales is dynamic, and sales managers should be watching their process and their sales teams’ results to keep a finger on the pulse of the most successful techniques to help reach their sales goals.

But how do you know how well your sales reps are doing? And how can you tell which of your approaches are working and which aren’t meeting your sales targets? The answer is by making use of sales metrics.

Sales leaders know they have to move with the times and adapt to what their new and existing customers expect from not only their products, but they way they’re sold. By tracking sales metrics, a sales leader can tell what’s working, and what isn’t.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at what exactly sales metrics are, which are the key sales productivity metrics to understand, as well as the best CRM software to display, use, and track sales metrics to help you understand the potency of your process. – Read More