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Mailchimp Vs. ClickFunnels: Which Lead-Gen Service is Better?

My Post (14).pngFind out whether ClickFunnels or Mailchimp is the best fit for your business. We’ll walk through features, integrations, case studies, and third-party reviews.

Mailchimp and ClickFunnels have been around for quite some time.

Both are great at generating leads, both are great at making sales, and both can help you grow your business.

But… what are the differences? Which service is better at generating leads? And which service is the best fit for your business?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Let’s start with the critical difference between the two services.

The Critical Difference Between Mailchimp and ClickFunnels

You might have learned about Clickfunnels and Mailchimp on the same website — you might even have seen them listed as tight-knot competitors.

And while there are some similarities between the two services, the truth is that they are more different than alike.

Mailchimp, for instance, is an email service provider — one of the largest email service providers on the planet, actually. It allows you to build an email list, segment that list as necessary, send emails whenever you like, and even create opt-in forms for your website. – Read more