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Is Elon Musk About To Launch His Own Social Network?

💰  Elon Musk is considering building his own social network.
Yes, the world’s richest man is really considering building a rival to Twitter and Facebook. The billionaire tweeted to his 79M followers last week asking for feedback on the idea. Hot on the heels of Trump’s new social network we could be about to see the start of a real pushback over the increasingly censored social media networks. Ignore Musk at your own peril. 

🥇 Linkedin popularity continues to surge
Demand for the social media app has increased 60% so far in 2022. And that’s after the platform chose to controversially abandon China last year which was its second-biggest market.

🍪 Google gearing up to ban cookies
This is an incredibly nerdy subject that WILL impact anyone doing online marketing next year. Suffice it to say google is ramping up its testing on its own cookie replacement technology. This is making anyone with a rival ad network *cough* Facebook *cough* very nervous.

🍔 Wendy’s fast-food chain opens its first location in the metaverse
No, it’s not an April fool….The Wendy’s Co. is teaming with Meta’s Horizon Worlds to open its first virtual-reality Wendyverse restaurant on April 2. Looking forward to reading the yelp reviews for this one next month.