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Introduction to AdWords competitor targeting

My Post - 2020-02-04T173054.339.pngIn this digitalized world, marketing your business online is one of the significant factors contributing to the growth of a business. Getting customers offline today is less effective; businessmen need to promote their business digitally to reach out to a larger audience. Today, there are countless tools and techniques to optimize and enhance your business.

Digital marketing has changed the outlook of people doing business in traditional ways. Millions of people and businesses today are competing daily to be the best in front of the audience and customers. These are done with advanced digital tools and techniques. Many top agencies help businesses to grow digitally with the best techniques. One of the most essential and effective ways is using Adwords; let’s understand more about it.

What is Adwords?

Adwords or Google Adwords is an online program that helps a person to reach the mass audience by creating online ads. Google Adwords is one of the most effective online programs that help a business to reach out to a larger audience with the help of creating online advertisements. This program runs based on the PPC (Pay Per Click) system. Another most powerful feature of Adwords is the use of keywords in your ads.

Over 5 billion searches appear on google search engines every day. The words people use to search are called keywords, businesses, and people bid on these keywords to target their customers. There are a million keywords that people bid on and these are the key to their target customers. This introduces us to targeting competitors on AdWords.

What is Adwords Competitor Targeting?

We learned that Adwords helps one to target their audience and gives access to mass audiences with the help of keywords. Brands bid on their keywords so that whenever someone types of searches using the keyword, their website shows up first. This technique has given rise to another powerful feature, Adwords Competitor Targeting. Adword Competitor Targeting or Adword Brand Targeting, as we call it, is primarily targeting the audience searching for your competitor brand. Millions of people bid on keywords every day.

Each brand has its own branded keyword that they use to boost their paid search performance. The brands’ have an advantage over their branded keywords and that’s where competition begins. Brands start targeting competitors on Adwords by placing a bid on their branded keywords or brand name keywords. This helps a brand earn its competitor’s audience too.

Pros And Cons of Adwords Competitor Targeting


1. Brand Awareness- One of the biggest advantages of Adwords competitor targeting is that you can create brand awareness. If your brand is recently launched or less known, you can take the support of targeting competitors on Adwords. Through this, when people search for your competitor brand, your brand will appear on the results page too. This will help the audience to know that your brand is an alternative for your competitors.

2. Less Costing Initially- Just like your brand, there might be hundreds of brands that deliver the same products or services. This raises the possibility of them bidding on the same competitor brand keyword you are bidding on. This also indicated that the other brands would focus less on the generic terms. Therefore the cost per click will be lower initially.


1. Bidding War- When you start bidding on your competitor’s keywords and diverting their traffic to your website, they will definitely realize this. When the competitor brand realizes this, there is a high chance of them responding back negatively. This can lead to a bidding war, i.e., they might start doing the same with your keywords. This will not just impact both the brand’s performance but also can cost a lot, unnecessarily. – Read more

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