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Infographic: How to create a website that users fall in love with

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It takes only seconds for visitors to decide whether your website is worth their time.

The internet is teeming with digital destinations where potential customers can find the information or products they’re looking for, and there are certain things they won’t tolerate.

Users will not wait for your images or text to load. They will quickly move on to the next site. Make sure it’s visually appealing, too. A bland design with awful fonts will drive people away. Your website must also include useful information for your visitors. Otherwise, they’ll find it somewhere else.

An infographic from Red Website Design shares tips for creating a top-notch website that will evoke users’ affection.

They include these tidbits:

  • Emphasize fast loading times.
  • Ensure ease of navigation.
  • Make your mission clear right off the bat.
  • Provide value for your users.

See the full infographic below for the essential elements your website needs to keep users from searching for greener pastures.


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