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Impactful Strategies for Growing Your Customer Base with Google Ads

My Post - 2020-02-04T172109.052.pngGoogle Ads is the alpha and omega of paid advertising. You can’t even think about establishing your brand and growing your customer base without it. If you believe that all potential customers can reach your site through organic traffic, you’re wrong – it is nearly impossible. Hence, let’s analyse the most impactful strategies for growing your customer base with Google Ads.

Don’t change your AdWords budget frequently

The first rule you should apply with Google Ads is not to change your budget day after day. Set your daily, weekly, and monthly budget and stick to it, especially if your overall marketing budget is not that massive. Setting your budget in advance (and not changing it frequently) will improve your account’s performance. Also, it is essential to be patient and understand that being the top advertisement on the first page can’t happen overnight. However, setting the right budget for every AdWords campaign will help you maximize your efforts. Doing every step correctly for a few months will lead to excellent results, for sure.

Picking the right keywords

Keyword research is one of the fundamental processes that happen before every successful Google Ads campaign. Hiring an expert or SEO agency is the option number one. However, if you want to do it on your own and find keywords related to your industry, use some of the free SEO tools, such as Google Keyword Planner or Search Console. At first, find the most common keywords, and then try to go for more specific terms to reach a particular audience. Keyword research is essential for understanding how many times people search for each term and also, to know how much traffic each keyword brings to your site.

Stay local

A local Google Ads strategy is the most efficient if your business operates in one region or state. That way, you will reach highly targeted customers with specific local keywords related to your city or region. There is no need to use too generic keywords if you expect only local customers to visit your store. Google offers tools such as bulk location targeting or radius targeting, but you should also consider comprehensive AdWords management which incudes keyword research and analysis, planning the campaign and determining effective ad groups, planning the budget to be distributed through bidding, creating and optimizing ad text, as well as analyzing and monitoring the campaign.

Also, you can target universities, commercial areas, and many other places of interest. In the Campaign tab, you can use different tools that Google offers. Each of them has its advantages, depending on the type of campaign you created.

Enhance your ad with details

Showing a map of where your location is alongside your ad is the first detail you should implement every time you post an ad. It is an extension that tailors your ad efficiently and gives you more flexibility. On top of that, you can always enhance your ads with landing page links (super important), phone numbers, addresses, social media pages, and download buttons. The tactic is simple – the more details and contact information you place in your ad, the easier it will be for your audience to recognize you in the first place, and then to reach you.

Retargeting and mobile optimization

Retargeting is one of the most useful Google Ads tactics. It helps you convert website visitors into customers after they leave your store at first. According to Business Insider, returning customers are more valuable than the acquisition of new customers. Therefore, before customers buy your products, it is good to make them feel like they already know your brand. Retargeting builds and increases the visibility of your brand by allowing you to reach an audience that already showed interest in your brand and products. – Read more

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