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How to Optimize Your Landing Page SEO

My Post - 2019-11-14T150701.433.pngOptimizing a landing page for SEO to bring in organic traffic is slightly trickier than ranking a blog post.

When creating a page with landing page software, the goal is to lead visitors to a call to action and ensure that they follow through.

When creating an SEO-rich piece of content, the goal is to engage the reader and have them spend as much time on page as possible, then leave with the answer they were looking for.

This means your landing page needs more content, more links, more compelling copy, and more calls to action.

Though this may sound like a bit much, organic traffic means warm leads – leads you may not otherwise have had if you weren’t ranking your landing page. These leads are worth the effort, but your copy still needs to convert them.

So, there’s a fine line to walk between optimizing your page for search engines and conversions. Here’s how to approach optimizing your landing page for SEO.

Determine the goal of your landing page

Before creating your landing page, you need to determine if you want your copy to focus mainly on converting visitors or if ranking your page in search engines is your top goal.

There is a major difference between the two.

Conversion-focused pages need to take visitors on a smooth path to a clear and prominent call to action.

SEO-focused pages tend to have more content. They answer all the questions someone might search for, there is a deliberate effort to cover topics in detail, and they have multimedia elements and carefully-positioned keywords.

Some landing pages can do both. It depends on where the user is in the funnel. Your main consideration needs to be where your traffic is coming from. If you have a large list in your email marketing software or will be running PPC ads toward a specific call to action, a conversation-focused page will do.

However, If your goal is to use long-term organic traffic for lead generation, you should optimize your landing page for SEO.

Determine the right tool to use for your landing page

We’ve tried every landing page tool under the sun and we have even surveyed our audience to discover their favorite tool for building SEO optimized landing pages. Based on our ConvertKit reviews, customers love that you can use the tool not only for landing pages, but for email marketing and automation as well. – Read more

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