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How to Exclude Your IP Address From Google Analytics

My Post - 2019-09-25T154129.764.pngAre you visiting your website daily? Do you worry that Google Analytics data is misleading?

Well, it is time to exclude your IP address!

Knowing how to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics is important. This often overlooked step is easy, not to mention it will give you a clearer picture of your site’s traffic.

This is especially important for sites with multiple teams updating and checking the site, because you can exclude all your team’s IP addresses. The following is a step-by-step guide on how you can find your IP address and exclude it from your Google Analytics report.

How Do I Find My IP Address?

The first step is to find your IP address. This may seem daunting, but it is actually quite simple.

Step 1: Open the Google search browser

Step 2: Type in “What is my IP address”

Step 3: Boom! There it is

The one above is obviously not real, but your IP address should be four number codes separated by periods. Be sure to copy your IP address down somewhere. Now that you have your IP address, it is time to exclude it from Google Analytics.

How Do I Exclude My IP Address From Google Analytics?

First, log in to your Google Analytics account and bring up the Dashboard for your website. Once up, find “Admin” in the bottom left corner and select it. – Read more