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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website: 8 Proven Strategies

My Post - 2020-03-12T145002.361.pngWith more traffic comes more leads, more conversions, and more sales. Here, you’ll learn 8 proven strategies to drive consistent traffic to your website. 

What good is a website without visitors?

You might have the most beautiful website in the world, you might have spent thousands of dollars to build it, you might even have shown it to your target market and iterated again and again based on their feedback. Now it’s live. But still, what good is a beautiful, high-converting website without visitors?

Yeah. No good.

In this article, we’re going to show you 8 proven strategies for driving traffic to your website. You’ll already be familiar with some of these strategies — others might surprise you. Either way, we’ve only included traffic-driving tactics that actually work, not tactics that used to work… and in the fast-moving world of marketing, that’s quite a difference.

But before we discuss how you can drive more traffic to your website, a quick word of caution…

CAUTION: 3 Signs That You Should NOT Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Increasing your website’s traffic is great — in fact, it’s vital if you want to own a successful business — but it’s also not the end goal. Because even if you drive more traffic to your website, but you don’t see a boost in lead-generation, conversions, and sales, then that traffic might as well not exist at all.

Even worse… website traffic isn’t cheap.

So before you waste your time or money on website visitors, here are 3 signs that your website isn’t prepared to convert those visitors (and how to fix that).

1. Your Website Has a Low Conversion Rate

Before you attempt to drive more traffic, you should have an idea of how well your website converts existing traffic. If you’re already getting consistent visitors to a landing page, for instance, but you’re receiving a sub-par conversion rate, then more traffic isn’t the solution… a better conversion rate is.

In our experience, creating a clear and enticing sales funnel is the fastest way to increase your conversion rate and make getting more website traffic worthwhile (you can build your first funnel for free over here!).

2. You Don’t Have a Product or Service to Offer

It’s tempting, in the early stages of building your online business, to focus too much time and energy on growing vanity metrics. And unfortunately, website traffic is mostly a vanity metric, especially if you don’t have a clear path for turning that traffic into cold, hard revenue.

So… do you have a product or service to offer that can provide you with a healthy ROI on the traffic you’re going to pay for?

If not, then you might want to hold off until you have a product to sell. Or, if you’re not driving traffic to make sales, then at least know why you’re going to drive traffic to your website — what does your business get out of it? A bigger email list? Better brand awareness? And more importantly, how can you measure those metrics to see whether the traffic was worth your time or money?

3. You Don’t Have a Sales Funnel

There’s a big difference between a website and a sales funnel.

A website is like a directionless, digital brochure that encourages aimless browsing and delayed decision making.

A sales funnel, on the other hand, (what we specialize in at ClickFunnels!) is like allowing your best salesperson to guide each prospect from interest to conversion — it addresses every objection, reverses perceived risk, and makes the decision dead-simple. – Read more

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