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How to Create a Lead Gen Landing Page for Mobile That Converts

My Post (24).pngLanding pages are crucial to modern digital marketing campaigns.

Unlike the past when just a website was enough to strengthen your outreach program, getting mileage requires focused attention at various levels, today. Your prospective customers are everywhere, using multiple devices with dwindling attention. In such a scenario, it is important to capture leads with the help of targeted landing pages that are quick to capture leads.

Landing pages are really important and 48% of the marketers create dedicated landing pages for each marketing campaign.

A landing page is designed with just a single aim- to capture a lead by persuading a visitor to interact with call-to-action. Functioning as a standalone page, landing pages serve as a destination for visitors who choose to click on your pay-per-click or similar campaigns.

Getting Landing Pages Right: Why Landing Page Optimization is Hard?

Landing pages aren’t a new phenomenon and marketers have been using them for a while to capture leads. But the problem lies in the approach they follow to develop a landing page. Most often, many consider landing pages akin to corporate websites and make a mistake in accounting for the purpose of the landing page.

A website is meant to inform the visitor about what all a company can do. It’s more of a digital storefront giving visitor the power to browse, read and look around before making a decision.

The power to browse, read and look around before making a decision.

In contrast, landing pages are designed to create a sense of urgency in the minds of users. Landing pages are meant to offer something to the visitor in lieu of their personal details, which they share voluntarily.

The difference in approach is what challenges marketers to create the ideal landing page. In fact, creating and testing landing pages is one of the top five challenges faced by modern-day marketers. – Read more

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