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How to appear in local services listings in Google Assistant and Google Home

My Post - 2019-04-24T110131.600.jpgCompany serving only pre-screened local providers in most major markets.

In the majority of major markets in the U.S., Google isn’t using its traditional search index or its mobile index to serve local service provider results (e.g., like locksmiths or plumbers) through the Google Assistant or Google Home devices. Instead, it’s using a subset of listings that are Google Guaranteed or pre-screened and certified by partners Porch or HomeAdvisor. Here is what you need to know.

Get listed

Only local listings that qualify will generally be served, although in isolated markets where there aren’t enough of these certified businesses Google may backfill with listings from its main indexes. Each individual listing carries a badge indicating the certifying entity.

Yext offers a direct data feed into Amazon Alexa results, so any third party publisher or marketing agency working with Yext receives the benefit of that distribution for its customers. However, there’s no comparable program for Google Assistant. Local providers must either work with Porch or HomeAdvisor or submit an individual listing directly to Google and meet the Google Guarantee criteria to be shown in Google Assistant results.

Get certified

Although it doesn’t directly mention Google Guarantee, this form is where local providers (or their marketing surrogates) can submit themselves for review. Google Local Services advertisers that have already received Google Guarantee certification are automatically eligible to appear in Google Assistant results.

In order to be Google Guaranteed, businesses must pass a background check and have their license and insurance details verified.

Until I spoke with Google about these requirements, I was completely unaware of them. I’m guessing that most local marketers are in the same position. – Read more