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Google is expanding when it shows ads to ‘people in targeted locations’

My Post (63).pngThe advanced location targeting option update is aimed at reaching commuters — whether they’re at home, work or on the road.

Google has been quietly rolling out a change to the location targeting options in Google Ads. The change was first spotted in display campaigns, but now appears to have rolled out for search and shopping campaigns, too.

What’s changing? Google has changed the “People in your targeted locations” option to “People in or regularly in your targeted locations.”

The old setting of “Reach people in your targeted locations” did not include showing ads to people “who searched for your target locations but whose physical location was outside the target location at the time of searching.” (The help page had not been updated to reflect this roll out at the time of publication.)

With this change, instead of showing ads to people only when they are physically located in your targeted locations at the time of their search, it will also include people who regularly commute or travel to your targeted locations even when they aren’t physically there when they perform a search.

The idea is your location-targeted campaigns can reach people with ads targeted to their work locations when they are home and vice versa. – Read more