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What Are The Lead Generation Tools For Digital Marketing

My Post - 2020-03-04T121523.468.pngOne of the primary objectives of digital marketing services is to generate leads and drive conversions. In the competitive world of global business where customers are the final arbiters for the success of any business, they need to be drawn to a website using digital marketing tools and other optimization techniques. Let us discuss a few lead generation tools, which have become an integral part of the digital marketing process.

Lead generation tools for digital marketing

# Google Ads: Formerly Google AdWords, Google Ads has emerged as the principle tool to market a brand, product or services online. When used strategically, the tool can help in generating leads through display ads or online search. Even though the parameters of Google have become a lot stricter than before, when it comes to the landing pages, it gives enough leeway to digital marketers to generate leads. The initial requirement for using Google Ads is to be clear about your business goal.

Do you want to use it for app promotion, lead generation, or creating brand awareness? To begin with, first understand your business niche and create suitable ads ranging from display ads, Gmail ads, call ads, search ads, video ads, or shopping ads. By using Google Ads you can keep track of your expenses and find out the number of leads generated. It helps you to reconnect with your customers and retain them.

# Facebook Ads: Facebook has emerged as the largest and most popular social networking site with an expected traffic of 1.69 billion in 2020. Interesting, according to estimates, a user usually spends around 35 – 40 minutes per day on Facebook. This has made Facebook an ideal hunting ground for marketers looking for leads. Running ads on the platform can help a brand to gain visibility, capture customer attention, and possibly get positive outcomes.

# LinkedIn Ads: This networking site can be leveraged by digital marketers to create brand awareness and increase the visibility of their products and services among professionals. Since this platform is also accessed by industry honchos, targeting them can help to increase a brand’s equity in the market and the possibility of converting them into quality leads.

# Quora: The Question-Answer forum retains its popularity among individuals and professionals. Similar to Yahoo, it is more preferred due to its high-quality answers to questions. The answers given here are mostly precise, full of insights, and even detailed peppered with relevant keywords. So, to market your brand you can make use of this forum by creating questions related to your niche and answering relevant questions with useful links pertaining to your business. It can be used to create awareness about your brand, business, product or service among the target audience. Given that it is free and easy to use, it has become one of the most sought after online marketing platforms. – Read more