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Google Ads Reports Can Now Be Downloaded in Sheets – Pros & Cons

My Post (21).pngGoogle Ads has added the ability to download reports directly into Google Sheets.

This seemingly obvious integration between two Google products is a great addition for PPC pros who can now skip the tedious step of manually downloading data to Google Sheets before getting on with other spreadsheet-based tasks related to optimization and reporting.

There are other ways to get Google Ads data into Google Sheets like those offered by scripts, third-party vendors, and even Google’s own add-on for Sheets.

Given that there are several options, I’ll cover some of the pros and cons of this latest way to move data from Google Ads into a spreadsheet.



You can schedule reports to be downloaded to a Google Sheet as often as daily.

That’s right, the ability to get a report in the Google Sheets format isn’t limited to instant report downloads, but it’s also part of report download scheduling. – Read more

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