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Get your A-Game Up with These 8 Effective Lead Conversion Strategies

My Post (60).pngThe notion that building a fancy looking website and investing into marketing activities are more than enough to grab the attention of web strollers to convert them into leads. But, that’s precisely where most marketers are failing today.

Lead conversion is not just about ensuring these “fence-sitters” pay a visit to your site, it’s about changing them into an opportunity, nurturing them, and converting them into loyal, paying customers. More so, understanding the basic needs of your visitors and creating an experience that’s compelling enough for them to come back for more, is equally important.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to convert a visitor into a lead, let’s first talk about the importance of building a robust lead conversion process.

Building a Lead Conversion Process

Having a robust and streamlined lead conversion process is essential for any business to survive in today’s highly competitive market place. A good conversion strategy can not only boost your business dramatically but help to get good leads aboard. Below mentioned are five steps to building an effective and efficient lead conversion process.

1. Prepare Quality Content

Adding quality content to your website significantly increases the chances of getting more leads for your business. Write catchy website copies, create informative content such as blogs, ebooks, white papers, and work on product demos.

When you generate qualified content, it develops the trust of your customers and nurtures a healthy relationship with them. Their trust and relationship can indirectly generate good revenue for your business. So, tell your content team to produce engaging and converting content.

2. Build an SEO Strategy for Your Site

Visibility on Google can generate more leads to your business than you can imagine. So, investing your efforts in correcting your SEO strategies is essential for Google ranking.

Five primary SEO elements to focus your attention to include the page title, page URL, page header, internal links, and page content. Refer to Google updates to understand how to use SEO to rank high on search engines effectively.

3. Create an Appealing Landing Page Design

Your landing page design is the first and foremost element that defines the usability and success of your website. Having a good strategy of building landing pages can help to convert more leads.

Strategically add images, videos, and call-to-action buttons on your landing pages to make them appealing and get more conversion. Further, make sure all your landing page links are clickable and directly or indirectly help to generate leads. You can also use pre-designed landing page templates to improve your site’s user interface.

4. Use Social Media Channels to Generate Leads

Today people are massively engaged on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other ones. They consume more content here than on other mediums. Leverage social media to your advantage. Promote your business offerings here and grab the attention of your target audience.

A company generates 80% of B2B leads by using LinkedIn as a marketing medium. So social media is a smooth platform to spread awareness of your brand products globally and gain more customer engagements.

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