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Facebook Marketing: Six Steps to Auditing Low Performing Facebook Ads

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With more than 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides marketing agencies the potential to put brands’ products and services directly in front of a huge, active, and engaged user base—which is precisely why 92 percent of marketers say they use Facebook ads to market their products.

But while Facebook can generate massive revenue for your clients’ business (more on that later), ads require strategy and attention to actually perform, especially since Facebook has made some major changes to its newsfeed this year.

It’s easy enough to put ads in front of people, but getting people to purchase from a client’s website is a whole other story, which is why so many Facebook ads fail to convert clicks into sales.

Brand awareness is great and all, but if you’re not serving your clients’ ads to the right people in the right way, you run the risk of pouring money down the drain on ads that don’t convert. – Read more