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Ecommerce & Consumer Trends During Coronavirus

My Post (7).pngWhat Businesses Should do to Survive the COVID-19

With everyone’s eyes fixed are focused on CDC data, the general public anticipates drastic shifts to the way they used to live and consume items they want and need.

In turn, businesses understand that these changes are about to affect their entire business management systems — from supply chain to ecommerce adoption or expansion. And to stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions, there is data they need to look at.

So, we have compiled the latest SEMrush data on ecommerce trends, consumer behavior, and demand to help businesses navigate through what might be the most challenging time to run a business — the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Impact on User Behavior

Since 52% of consumers are trying to implement social distancing, more people are now shopping online for a growing number of new product categories. So, it is not just about a rapid rise in online purchases, but about the nature of that demand.

Some of the biggest retail chains have already been announcing that they are expanding their ecommerce sales. But COVID-19 has expedited this process. And although these businesses may seem to be better equipped to serve the novel customer needs, due to the pandemic, this shift is spanning out of control. Consumers start purchasing in categories that weren’t forecasted to see such a rapid rise in online shopping.

So, with the long-awaited yet accelerated shift towards online shopping, consumer behavior at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic is mostly about user behavior.

Thus, with insights from SEMrush data, we will reveal:

  • How the consumer demand has been changing within the past few weeks,
  • Which industries have seen the biggest spike in traffic,
  • Which products top the list of most searched online.

COVID-19 Top Impact by Industries

You would assume that the Health category would see the highest spike in search traffic. A. J. Ghergich has shared some interesting insights on health-related search trends during the coronavirus outbreak.

However, we have already been within this crisis for a while, and health is not the only matter preoccupying everyone’s minds now. It is all about getting through the quarantine and shelter in place orders. So, people start adapting to this “new normal,” and leisure/hobby categories are seeing the highest volatility at the moment. – Read more

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