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Big Google Changes This Week

Here’s our take on the digital news that mattered this week 👇  

🔥 Google has announced that it’s shutting down its google universal analytics next year and forcing site owners to move over to the new G4 analytics. The big news is that they won’t be allowing you to migrate your old data to the new platform! If you haven’t yet adopted G4 you need to be making moves now to get ahead of the chaos 

📥  Shopify gets into email marketing Which could be a very big deal. Shopify email is now available to anyone on a Shopify paid plan. They’re allowing up to 10,000 emails to be sent each month. Shopify email was previously quite low on features, but this new release changes that considerably. This is one to watch closely.

💰 Google’s recent SEO changes hitting some brands hard . Google has begun the rollout of the third version of the product reviews update, a search ranking algorithm update targeted at ranking product review related content on the web that is most helpful and useful to searchers. This is an attempt to reduce the spam and fake reviews being used in recent years to game search engine rankings. If this sounds like you, then expect to see a drop in traffic! 

🔐 Facebook is locking users out of their accounts. In March, a bunch of Facebook users got a mysterious, spam-like email titled “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect” and telling them that they were required to turn on the Facebook Protect feature (which they could do by hitting a link in the email) by a certain date, or they would be locked out of their account. It actually wasn’t spam. In fact, it was real. The first deadline to hit for many people was Thursday, March 17th.