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Active Campaign vs Mailchimp

Anyone who expected email marketing to go out of fashion with the advent of social media was sorely mistaken. Email marketing remains arguably the most effective digital marketing strategy – you need it in your business.

With that, you need the best email marketing software.

Mailchimp is the big beast of marketing automation. It’s been delighting business owners for over two decades with its simplicity, features, and impressive free plan.

ActiveCampaign is no fresh face in the field, either, but recently we’ve noticed an increasing number of marketers saying that it gives Mailchimp a run for its money.

So we looked into it. We assembled the evidence in the great ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp debate. We put together this guide.

Find out all you need to know about Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign below and decide which your business needs! – Read More